D-Lab Development

D-Lab story to be aired by National Public Radio

The D-Lab: Development class is featured this week in World Vision Report. Reporter Chris Burrell attended the D-Lab class in November 2009 and documented all what happened in lectures and hands-on labs. Equipped with a voice recorder and a stills camera, Chris attempted to capture the essence of D-Lab: its philosophy, and the experiential learning opportunities it offers to the students. The report includes interviews with Amy Smith and students Norah Nakibuuka, Helen D'Couto and Shammi Quddus.

Visit the report's website to listen to the documentary, download a copy in MP3 format, or watch the slideshow.

Amy teaching how to test water for bacterial content.
Photo by Harvey Burrell

D-Lab students learning low-cost water testing.
Photo by Harvey Burrell

Curious about World Vision Report?

The Edward R. Murrow Award-winning World Vision report  is a weekly radio program that captures the human drama behind global issues and events. Hosted by Peggy Wehmeyer, former ABC World News Tonight correspondent, the World Vision Report can be heard online and has aired on hundreds of radio stations, such as WBUR (Boston), KPBS (San Diego), KXOT (Seattle), and WBEZ (Chicago).

I've heard there is a lottery to get into this class, how does the lottery work?

D-Lab Development has been oversubscribed by more than 200% over the past several years, and continues to be. In addition to doubling class size (fall 2008), we have had to come up with a mechanism to grant spaces for this class, hence the class lottery. The class lottery is held on the first day of classes, and attendance is mandatory if you are enrolled in the class, since registration per se doesn't directly imply that you can take the class. After a presentation of the course, each attendee is asked to fill in a student profile.


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