21A.290/EC.702 Cross-Cultural Investigations

D-Lab: Dialogue

Cross-Cultural Investigations

Cross-cultural research and collaboration is increasingly common, from engineering and development projects to disaster relief and global clinical trials. But working across cultural, economic, and political divides is not easy. This course investigates how cultural beliefs and practices as well as institutional power dynamics are at the core of international collaborations and influence the adoption of new technologies. As researchers and as world citizens, how can we best understand and bridge cultural and economic differences?

Engaging in hands-on learning, students will go off campus to practice doing interviews, conducting participant-observation research, and honing techniques of cross-cultural communication. We will also review case studies in "appropriate" technology design and transfer and draft plans for improved practice. The course is open to all interested students but designed particularly for those planning to undertake exploratory research or applied work abroad, especially in developing countries.

Course Information
Instructors: Christine  Walley
Semester Offered: Not offered this year (Offered since 2011)
Lecture Location: 56-180
Lecture Times: TR1-2:30
Units (credit hours) 3-0-9
Class Size: 16 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F