EC.A740 D-Lab: Discovery

D-Lab: Discovery

Please note, this class is a Freshman Advising Seminar, and as such it is restricted to MIT first-year undergraduates only. This is the only D-Lab class that has such a registration restriction, please refer to our course listing for other D-Lab courses.


Do you consider yourself a tinkerer, an inventor, a hacker, a creator of sorts? Or would you like to become one? Do you want to use your skills to solve real world problems?

90% of the engineering and design in the world are directed towards the needs of wealthiest 10% of the population. The other 90% live with basic problems that remain largely unaddressed. We want to respond to the needs of these under-served communities with your creativity and ingenuity. In this seminar, we will explore and enhance your creative potential, and harness it to address problems in international development.

This hands-on seminar will be structured as a series of modules, each teaching different aspects of creativity, problem solving and prototyping skills. Modules will investigate creativity itself and explore creativity in a variety of media, including drawing, language, sculpture and design. We will challenge you to apply your creativity to specific engineering problems in the context of international development. Modules include mapping MIT's creativity ecosystem, using the power of your imagination to help you learn a new language, learning how to build (nearly) anything with (almost) nothing, devising a new microfluidic diagnostic to prevent the next disease outbreak and designing and building a rainwater harvesting and storage system. This seminar will be an excellent opportunity to interact with the entire D-Lab staff, as well as other faculty at the Institute that share an interest in international development work.

Instructors: Gwyn Jones, Heather Beem, and Victor Grau Serrat.

Course Information
Instructors: Heather Beem, Victor Grau Serrat, Gwyn Jones
Semester Offered: Not offered this year (Offered since 2010)
Lecture Location: N51-350
Lecture Times: T3-5
Units (credit hours) 6
Class Size: 30 students
Grading: P/D/F