EC.714 D-Lab: Earth

D-Lab: Earth

D-Lab: Earth is a hands-on, multi-disciplinary exploration of the dynamic nexus between global biodiversity and human well-being. Taught by Ariel Phillips and Susan Murcott, this course, comprised of lectures, guest speakers, experiential activities and projects, covers topics such as reforestation, nutrient cycles, poaching, complexity, climate change, fair trade, ecotourism and governance.

The course provides opportunities to develop and practice skills in cross-cultural engagement, negotiation, ecological measurement, permaculture and sustainable technology design. Students work remotely with community partners on projects, jointly identifying community concerns and co-designing potential solutions.

Opportunities for summer travel to partner communities offered.

Course Information
Instructors: Susan Murcott, Ariel Phillips
Semester Offered: Not offered this year (Offered since 2012)
Lecture Location: N51-310
Lecture Times: Tues 3-5
Units (credit hours) 2-0-4
Class Size: 20 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F
Course Student Projects
2012 Agroforestry Plan for Shade-grown CoffeeCreating a multi-story agroforest in Sabana Grande, Nicaragua with intercropping mahogany, firewood trees, lemongrass, coffee plants
Addressing Grassland DesertificationPermaculture and project analysis workshops to address desertification in Ganzi, Sichuan, and facilitate environmental planning
Diversification of Guayusa ProductionProduct diversification for guayusa farmers in the Ecuadorian Amazon to earn additional income, while assessing impact on biodiversity