EC.710 D-Lab: Health

Medical Technologies for the Developing World

D-Lab: Health

D-Lab Health provides a multi-disciplinary approach to global health technology design using real world projects and partners. The course explores the current state of global health challenges, and teaches students how to design medical technologies that address those problems. Students will use medical technology design kits to encourage an accelerated introduction to medical device design for developing countries. Example kits include: mobile health informatics, instrument design, diagnostics, microfluidics and drug delivery systems. Guest speakers cover fundamental topics in global health technology and help students identify design challenges. During the spring break, students travel to Nicaragua to work with health professionals to obtain direct knowledge of their medical device challenges.

Course Information
Instructors: Jose Gomez Marquez, Anna Young
Semester Offered: Not offered this year (Offered since 2009)
Lecture Location: 4-163 (MW), E34-200 (F)
Lecture Times: MW2-3, F2-4
Units (credit hours) 2-2-5
Class Size: 20 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F
Course Student Projects
2013Anemia iDXA non-invasive and accurate point of care diagnostic tool for anemia utilizing laser reflectance spectroscopy
GlucodetectA kit to make affordable glucose test strips using local materials in Nicaragua
StethoKitAn innovative stethoscope kit designed for the developing world with the ability to record, playback, and simulate heart sounds
2012AspiraMoldeVacuum casting system that takes the negative mold of a patient with a leg amputation and shortens prosthetic production time
circumVentilatorAttachment to mechanize bag-valve-mask (Ambu bag) ventilators to aid nurses while transporting patients over long distances
GlucoSuite2012Qualitative diagnostic for routine diabetes monitoring based on short pieces of string coated in Benedict’s solution wicking blood samples
The InfusadorBattery-powered syringe infusion pump with adjustable gear settings for variable rates of infusion for critical medication dosing for neonates
2011Low-cost Syringe Infusion PumpModular infusion pump for neonatal drug delivery with all movable parts made from locally available materials
MonicorA user-friendly, modular EKG for health practitioners at all levels to record and transmit diagnostically useful information about cardiac health
NososanoA device that prevents nosocomial infections by enabling nurses and parents to detect bacteria culturing on IV catheters in NICU patients
2010AmbuzapPortable low-cost defibrillator rechargable through the ambulance's power
BabyTracker Labor contraction monitor for Nicaraguan hospitals
EyeHemeNon-invasive anemia diagnostic based on reflectance spectroscopy from the eye
NebshairA breathe-actuated, dosage-monitoring attachment for jet nebulizers to treat multiple patients for respiratory illnesses
Swiss Army ElectrocauteryA combination scalpel and extendable electrocautery tip for rural surgical procedures
2009CyclonePedal-powered centrifuge for developing world laboratories
GlucoTankSustainable method of testing glucose levels using colormetric tests and CCD readers
NebulaSafe, electric-free nebulization device
POP bandagePost-operative bandage solution with an infection alert and control mechanism