EC.712/EC.782(G) D-Lab: ICT

Information and Communication Technologies for Development

D-Lab: ICT

D-Lab: ICT is an engineering lab class that teaches the use of Information and Communication Technologies to address specific needs in developing countries. The goal of the course is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to successfully deploy an ICT project, with a focus on appropriateness, transferability, and long-term sustainability. The class is comprised of lectures, discussions, and hands-on laboratory modules. Topics include: low-cost computers and instrumentation, low-power sensors, radio technologies (RFID, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), power generation (solar, wind, bio, and mechanical), cell-phone accessories, and network architectures for data-collection and mapping. Students work in multidisciplinary teams on their projects, closely collaborating with local community partners, field practitioners, and experts in relevant fields.

Graduate students interested in registering for this class, should register for EC.782 instead, in order to receive graduate credit for this course.

Course Information
Instructors: Rich Fletcher
Semester Offered: Not offered this year (Offered since 2009)
Lecture Location: 4-270 (MW), E34-240(F)
Lecture Times: MW2-3, F2-4
Units (credit hours) 2-2-5
Class Size: 16 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F