15.772 / EC.733 D-Lab: Supply Chains

D-Lab: Supply Chains

Introduces concepts of supply chain design and planning with a focus on supply chains for products destined to improve quality of life in developing countries. Topics include demand estimation, process analysis and improvement, facility location and capacity planning, inventory management, and supply chain coordination. Also covers issues specific to emerging markets, such as sustainable supply chains, choice of distribution channels, and how to account for the value-adding role of a supply chain. Students conduct D-Lab-based projects on supply chain design or improvement. 

Course Information
Instructors: Steve Graves
Semester Offered: Fall (Offered since 2012)
Lecture Location: 1-134
Lecture Times: MW 10-11:30
Units (credit hours) 3-3-6
Class Size: 16 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F
Course Student Projects
2013Barefoot Power Design of a reverse logistics supply chain for warranty support for solar lamps
Pure Home Water FilterDistribution of water filters in Ghana, enabled by micro-financing
SolarClaveManufacturing and distributing a solar-powered autoclave, for use at health clinics in Nicaragua
2012Crayons Supply ChainDevelopment of organic crayons from local ingredients to widen use of pigment to other applications such as artist supplies
EssmartEssmart makes social impact technologies available in local retail shops so that they reach low-income end users
LFC Supply ChainOptimization of supply chain costs around the production of the Leveraged Freedom Chair to bring it from India to Guatemala
Moringa Oil Supply ChainEmpowering farmers by providing them with affordable processing technology and connecting them to export markets for moringa oil
Supply and Demand of Agricultural Waste CharcoalTo determine the optimal perimeters of agricultural waste charcoal production in rural Kenya, to match both supply and demand