EC.716/EC.786(G) D-Lab: Waste

D-Lab: Waste

D-Lab: Waste provides a multi-disciplinary approach to understand waste management in low-and–middle-income countries with strategies that diminish greenhouse gas emissions and provide enterprise opportunities for marginalized populations. The course, comprised of lectures, fieldtrips, and guest speakers, studies zerowaste strategies in cities in Africa, India, and Latin America; examines different models of collection, recycling, organic management and businesses developed in low-income settings; and researches public policy that supports sustainable, integrated, solid waste management systems. Student teams develop waste management businesses and entrepreneurial training modules in partnership with wastepickers and municipal governments over the course of the term that culminate in a two-week IAP trip to Nicaragua and Panama where students will implement zero waste strategies, including waste sector businesses, and enterprise learning modules.

Course Information
Instructors: Libby McDonald, Pedro Reynolds-Cuellar
Semester Offered: Fall (Offered since 2011)
Lecture Location: N51-310 (MW), 7-307 (F)
Lecture Times: MW10-11:30, F2-4
Units (credit hours) 3-2-4
Class Size: 12 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F