EC.S07 (U), EC.S12 (G) D-Lab: Waste

D-Lab: Waste

This introductory course focuses on understanding some of the multiple dimensions of the global waste system. Topics are presented in real contexts through case studies, field visits, civic engagement and research, and include consumer culture, waste streams, waste management, entrepreneurship and innovation on waste, technology evaluation, downcycling/upcycling, Life Cycle Analysis, and waste assessment.

Labs include field trips to waste-related institutions and businesses and hands-on work on a final project that will be completed with a community partner or be an idea developed by a student(s).

D-Lab: Waste aims to build a community that helps students:

  • Gain a better understanding and appreciation for the formidable challenges related to waste management locally and abroad: difficult waste streams, rising consumer culture, increasing ecosystems pollution, lack of infrastructure and more.
  • Gain more experience in technology, society, and art projects related with the problematic of waste through a project-based approach.
  • Act on important waste issues through building technology (design), civic engagement (dialogue) or artistic expressions (dissemination).

There is potential to travel through class projects; instructors will work with students to help identify potential funding sources.

Taught by Kate Mytty and Jennifer Hiser.


Course Information
Instructors: Jennifer Hiser, Kate Mytty
Semester Offered: Not offered this year (Offered since 2011)
Lecture Location: N51-305
Lecture Times: TR 3:00 - 4:30 pm, F 2-4 pm
Units (credit hours) 3-2-7
Class Size: 16 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F