MIT Courses


D-Lab challenges talented students to use their math, science, engineering, social science, and business skills to tackle a broad range of global poverty issues.

Many D-Lab courses are cross-listed with academic departments and provide credit toward minor and major courses of study; some courses meet HASS or Institute Lab requirements. 

Students participating in D-Lab Study Abroad in Spring 2015 will be working with community partner Avani in northern India (applications now closed). Applications for the Spring 2016 semester will be available April 2015.

2015 Fall Listings

D-Lab: Development EC.701/11.025 EC.781/11.472(G) (3-2-7)
D-Lab: Discovery EC.A740 (6)
D-Lab: Field Research EC. 788 (G) (3-0-9)
D-Lab: Mobility EC.721 (2-2-5)
D-Lab: Schools 4.411/EC.713J (2-3-7)
D-Lab: Supply Chains EC.733 (2-2-5)
D-Lab: Waste EC.716/EC.786 (3-2-4)
Design for Scale EC.729 (3-2-7)
Development Ventures MAS.665/15.375/EC.731J (12)
Prosthetics for the Developing World EC.722 (2-2-5)

2015 Spring Listings

D-Lab: Design EC.720/2.722J (3-0-9)
D-Lab: Dissemination WASH EC.715/11.474(G) (3-0-6)
D-Lab: Earth EC.714 (2-0-4)
D-Lab: Energy EC.711/EC.791(G) (3-3-6)
D-Lab: Reflection and Action EC.S07 (2-0-4)


Archives - Not offered this year

Cross-Cultural Investigations 21A.290/EC.702 (3-0-9)
D-Lab: Cycle Ventures EC.723 (3-0-3)
D-Lab: Education EC.S08 (4-3-5)
D-Lab: Health EC.710 (2-2-5)
D-Lab: ICT EC.712/EC.782(G) (2-2-5)
D-Lab: Kuna Yala EC.S11 (12)