MIT Academics

Friday, May 4, 5 - 7 PM.
Come see what D-Lab students from the nine spring 2018 courses have been working on! Posters, prototypes, and presentations. 


D-Lab challenges talented students to use their math, science, engineering, social science, and business skills to tackle a broad range of global poverty issues.

Many D-Lab courses are cross-listed with academic departments and provide credit toward minor and major courses of study; some courses meet HASS or Institute Lab requirements. D-Lab courses are approved components of the MIT Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor. D-Lab: Energy is an approved elective for the MIT Energy Studies Minor

D-Lab students have access to the D-Lab Workshop

2018 Fall Listings

D-Lab: Development 11.025 / 11.472 (G), EC.701 / EC.781 (G) (3-2-7)
D-Lab: Energy II EC.712 (U) / EC.792 (G) (3-0-9)
D-Lab: Gender & Development EC.718 / EC.798 (G) (6)
D-Lab: Schools 4.411, EC.713J (2-3-7)
D-Lab: Supply Chains 15.772 / EC.733 (3-3-6)
D-Lab: WASH EC.715 / 11.474 (G) (3-0-6)
Design for Scale 2.729 / EC.729 (3-2-7)
Development Ventures MAS.665 / 15.375 / EC.731J (12)

2018 Spring Listings

D-Lab: Design 2.722J, EC.720 (3-0-9)
D-Lab: Education & Learning EC.717 / EC.787 (G) (2-2-5)
D-Lab: Energy 2.651, EC.711 / EC.791 (G) (3-2-7)
D-Lab: Field Research EC.788 (G) (3-0-9)
D-Lab: New Economies EC.740 (3-0-6)
D-Lab: Smallholder Agriculture EC.724 / EC.784 (G) (3-0-6)
D-Lab: Water, Climate Change, and Health EC.719 / EC.789 (G) (3-0-9)
Design for Complex Environmental Issues EC.746J/2.00C/1.016J (TBA)
Humanitarian Innovation EC.750 / EC.785 (G) (4-0-8)


Archives - Not offered this year

Cross-Cultural Investigations 21A.290/EC.702 (3-0-9)
D-Lab: Cycle Ventures EC.723 (3-0-3)
D-Lab: Discovery EC.A740 (6)
D-Lab: Earth EC.714 (2-0-4)
D-Lab: Health EC.710 (2-2-5)
D-Lab: ICT EC.712/EC.782(G) (2-2-5)
D-Lab: Kuna Yala EC.S11 (12)
D-Lab: Mobility EC.721 (2-2-5)
D-Lab: Prosthetics for the Developing World EC.722 (2-2-5)
D-Lab: Waste EC.S07 (U), EC.S12 (G) (3-2-7)