International Development Innovation Network (IDIN)

A global network of local innovators using technology to address issues facing people living in poverty





International Development Design Summits (IDDS) are intense, hands-on, community-based design trainings that bring together a diverse group of people to teach them the co-creative design process and how to prototype low-cost technological solutions to improve livelihoods of people living in poverty. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, IDDS was co-founded by D-Lab Founding Director Amy Smith in 2007.

The International Development Innovation Network (IDIN) was created in 2012 as a consortium of institutional partners, led by MIT D-Lab, to coordinate summits, increase the frequency and geographic reach of summits, create and oversee opportunities for summit "alumni," known after 2012 as IDIN members, and establish research and student programs. From 2012 through 2017, IDIN was funded by the US Agency for International Development's U.S. Global Development Lab. As of October 2017, IDIN and IDDS are coordinated by an international steering committee of volunteers.

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