Participatory Innovation in Action

We work with partners around the world to apply, evaluate and refine participatory innovation practices. Through field-based projects, we aim to simultaneously advance the theory and practice of participatory innovation, to create opportunities for MIT students and researchers to engage with practitioners in context, and to support the work of our collaborators. While we operate in many contexts with partners both within and outside of our communities of practice, we are building our capacity to respond in two specific sectors:

Humanitarian Innovation

MIT D-Lab is pioneering a new approach to humanitarian innovation, in which crisis-affected people are engaged in the design process and actively contribute to the development of solutions that impact and improve their immediate situations. Participation as active creators rather than passive recipients can be a transformative process for refugees and displaced people, contributing to re-building confidence, self-esteem, and identity. Learn more.

Inclusive Markets

MIT D-Lab engages with regional and community leaders to develop inclusive businesses, markets, and economies that promote equity, resourcefulness, and resilience for people living in poverty. Current Inclusive Markets programs include Resilient Economies Action Lab or REAL (Nicaragua) and Pick-It! (Ghana). Learn more.