Special Guest Speaker Nancy Wimmer 11:30-12:00 PM


"The Art of Rural Business"




NANCY WIMMER Nancy is the director of the renewable energy research company microSOLAR, which specializes in microfinance and rural electrification in developing countries. She has been involved with the Grameen Bank since 1990 and with the renewable energy company, Grameen Shakti, since it was founded in 1996. Her work with microfinance, village banking and rural entrepreneurs has taken her to Bangladesh, Egypt, El Salvador, India, Honduras, Nepal and Peru.  

Nancy has studied at the universities of Hamburg and Munich and holds a Masters in Philosophy from the Munich School of Philosophy.  She has served German industry as a knowledge engineer, advises social investors and entrepreneurs and is a member of the advisory board of the World Council of Renewable Energy.

Nancy’s recent book, Green Energy for a Billion Poor - How Grameen Shakti Created a Winning Model for Social Business, describes for the first time how an entrepreneurial rural energy service company started from scratch and after 17 years became a world leader in off-grid solar energy. By describing the inner workings of a successful rural business, it is helping to guide entrepreneurs in developing countries and university students. 

From the foreword by Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate:
“I congratulate Nancy Wimmer for getting interested in the activities of Grameen Shakti and studying it so deeply to bring out what makes it work. She did not stop at presenting the philosophy and the impressive results produced by Grameen Shakti, she went beyond them to discover and understand the foot soldiers-cum-creators of Grameen Shakti. That makes this book very unique.”

Scaling Development Ventures 2014 - February 8, 9-5 PM - Kirsch Auditorium, Stata Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.