Off-Grid Energy: News & Blogs

Blog Post: Energy Assessment in Nepal with Kathmandu University  
- Anish Antony, Adam Zhao, Lucy Milde, and Jennifer Lu, February 23, 2018

Engineering for Change: What is Impeding the Growth of Improved Cookstove Companies 
- Macauley Kenney, December 18, 2017

Next Billion: A Toolkit to Identify Sustainable, Market-Based Energy Solutions in Off-Grid Areas

MIT News: MIT researchers launch technology evaluations for global development in Mali, India

Blog Post: Providing a framework for energy access in India
- Anish Paul Antony, August 9, 2017

Blog Post: Selling solar lighting products in Nigeria with the aid of D-Lab's Off-Grid Energy Group
- Nancy Adams, October 31, 2016

Blog Post: Reflections on the Right Path to Last Mile Distribution
- Shwetha Shivarama, April 27, 2016

MIT News: D-Lab Off-Grid Energy Group launches Solar Lighting Product Comparison Resource

D-Lab D-Brief: Improving Livelihoods in Morocco: Solar Lantern Field Evaluation

Blog Post: Energy Assessment in Mali
- Eric Verploegen, Nov 30, 2015

Blog Post: D-Lab Energy Needs Assessment in El Salvador with ASAPROSAR
- Eric Verploegen, October 30, 2015

Blog Post: Improving access to solar lighting information
- Chitti Desai, July 30, 2015

Blog Post: Reaching the Last Mile: Distribution Models for Energy Products 
- Saida Benhayoune, April 21, 2015

Blog Post: Improving Livelihoods in Morocco: Solar Light Field Evaluation 
- Nadia Elkordy and Megha Hegde, July 30, 2014

Blog Post: Scale-Ups Report from Morocco: Agricultural and Energy Needs 
- Nadia Elkordy, February 3, 2014