Off-Grid Energy Resources

Roughly 1.3 billion people lack access to modern energy services such as affordable and reliable heating, cooking, mechanical power, transportation, lighting, and telecommunications services. Energy access is essential for providing clean water and sanitation, increasing productivity, promoting economic development, improving health, reducing poverty, and protecting the environment. 

This resource page compiled by D-Lab's Off-Grid Energy Group provides a list of selected resources related to the off-grid energy sector. 

General Information and News

Key Organizations 

Assessment and Evaluation

The first step for increasing off-grid energy access is to understand the energy needs and market opportunities in the specific community of interest. On this page you can find information about measuring energy access, conducting user research, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of programs. 

Technologies and Products 

For local organizations that have identified the most pressing energy needs in their communities it is critical to identify the most suitable technology to meet those needs. On this page we provide links to organizations and resources with information about a wide range of off-grid technologies and products.

Business Support and Inclusive Business

For organizations looking to increase energy access in their community, it is important to determine an approach that is practicable and effectively leverages their local capabilities. On this page you can find resources for developing an effective and sustainable model, information about inclusive business practices, and case studies of effective off-grid energy access programs.