Working Paper Series

New Directions in Innovation Research 

This working paper series highlights research on emerging topics within the multi-disciplinary field of innovation studies by faculty and researchers based at, affiliated with, or collaborating with the MIT D-Lab Local Innovation Group.  The series is intended to provide a free, public platform for sharing research and critical reflection which can contribute to advancing both the science and the practice of innovation. 

Working papers

How and why to study collaboration at the level of economic ecosystems
by Marcelo Todesco
NDR Working Paper 03. April 2022

Communal Innovation: collective creation towards wellbeing 
by Juan David Reina-Rozo
NDIR Working Paper 02. January 2019

Local Innovation: What it is and why it matters for developing economies
by Elizabeth Hoffecker
NDIR Working Paper 01. May 2018

How to submit a paper

  1. Carefully review the Submission Guidelines 
  2. Complete and submit the Expression of Interest Form, along with a draft of your paper if it has been written already
  3. You will be contacted within a month and notified of a decision on your paper proposal, as well as next steps if applicable
  4. If your paper proposal is accepted and you have not yet written the paper, at this point, you will produce and submit your draft. 
  5. In most cases, invited papers can be expected to go through several rounds of editing and revisions prior to publication. 


Elizabeth Hoffecker, Research Scientist