Scale-Ups Research & Action

Working to identify, develop, and disseminate technology with social and economic value for Base of the Pyramid markets.


Identifying technology development and dissemination projects with
large-scale organizations seeking to create social and economic value
for Base of the Pyramid markets.

D-Lab Scale-Ups has created a research and development arm primarily focused on projects with a potential for large-scale implementation through partnerships with national and international organizations that have a wide reach in lower income countries. An integral part of D-Lab's research program, the Scale-Ups research, technology development, needs assessment, and user feedback initiatives include the following:

The D-Lab biomass fuel and cookstove team has developed innovative methods for testing and evaluating biomass fuels and cooking technology in the lab and in the field, as well as a range of approaches to measuring performance and impact. The team works closely with producers of alternative fuels in Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America, to seek lasting solutions to the environmental, health, and security dangers resulting from the use of wood and wood charcoal.

Energy access is a critical enabler of development, and is essential for providing clean water and sanitation, increasing productivity, promoting economic development, improving health, reducing poverty, and protecting the environment. The D-Lab Off-Grid Energy team works to support organizations based in off-grid regions of the world to select and implement solutions that meet the energy needs of their communities.

Members of the D-Lab Scale-Ups staff also conduct agriculture and agricultural technology needs assessments. Most recently, these projects have been located in Morocco and India.