Asif Obaidee

Financial Officer

Contact: aobaidee@MIT.EDU | 617.324.7110

Asif Obaidee initially joined MIT D-Lab in 2015 focusing on the programmatic, administrative, compliance, and financial management of the International Development Innovation Network. In 2017, he transitioned to the central D-Lab administrative team where he focuses on D-Lab administrative and financial matters such as helping with proposals for new programs and projects, handling pre-and post-proposal contractual matters, managing projects’ pipelines and reporting. Asif also works with procurement, the office of sponsorship, and finance departments on current and new agreements and contracts. Prior to D-Lab, he has worked closely with international organizations, government agencies focusing on socioeconomic policy development, subnational governance, program management, grants and financial operation. Asif studied EU economics and business administration. Asif appreciates the opportunity to support the work of MIT D-Lab and the constructive contribution they are making to the world.