Kate Cincotta

Guest Lecturer (D-Lab: WASH + ENV)

Contact: kate@sahaglobal.org

Kate will join Susan Murcott fall of 2017 to co-teach D-Lab: WASH + ENV. She is a former aerospace engineer who wanted to figure out a simple solution to the difficult problem of getting clean water to rural villages. She worked throughout Africa for ten years and found that again and again, the problem was not technology; it was distribution. She established Saha Global in northern Ghana to deliver clean water for all using materials readily available everywhere. Saha sets village women up with water treatment businesses that provide clean water at a price that all can afford. The organization provides the simple treatment technology, mentors the women and monitors their businesses. Kate earned a Master’s of Science in Technology and Policy from MIT in 2009 where her research was focused on the sustained use of water treatment technologies in Northern Region Ghana. She holds Bachelor’s in Science from the University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. Prior to founding Saha, Kate was an associate engineer at Aerojet, an aerospace firm located in Virginia.