Libby Hsu

Education Coordinator, Instructor (D-Lab: Development, D-Lab: Energy)


Libby graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and received master's degrees in structural engineering and building technology from MIT. She became involved with D-Lab by taking the D-Lab: Schools class and traveling to Cambodia to work on alternative concretes. Now she co-teaches D-Lab: Energy and D-Lab: Development, coordinates D-Lab's student work in El Salvador, trains D-Lab trip leaders who are taking students to the field, and supports instructors and students in the D-Lab ecosystem. Additionally, Libby has been part of MIT's Mind+Hand+Heart Initiative since 2015, as part of the Increase Help Seeking working group. She speaks German and Spanish, and works as a freelance technical editor. In short, Libby strives to facilitate great communication for successful global and local collaborations. She also reads voraciously, knits, plays the piano, and talks about sanitation rights and toilet designs with anyone who will humor her.