Matt McCambridge

Instructor (D-Lab: Design, D-Lab: Mobility, Design for Scale)


Matt McCambridge is excited to be teaching D-Lab: Mobility and D-Lab: Design after many years encountering the amazing work and people coming from D-Lab. In fall of 2016 he will also co-instruct the D-Lab course Design for Scale. A 1998 graduate of Stanford's Product Design program (a multidisciplinary program within the Mechanical Engineering department), Matt has designed and manufactured mobility technology for people with disabilities in the United States and in less resourced settings around the world. Matt has worked on teams creating sophisticated technologies (Dean Kamen's iBOT balancing wheelchair for Johnson and Johnson) and simple, robust ones (Whirlwind Wheelchair's RoughRider), and looks forward to working with students who are fired up to create excellent technology for people who live in challenging environments. In addition to teaching at D-Lab, Matt is working with the Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation (CITE) as a Research Engineer developing and carrying out innovative tests of wheelchairs in developing countries.