Munira Binti Shahbuddin

Visiting Scholar


Munira is an academician and research scientist in chemical, biological, cell and tissue engineering and regenerative medicine at the International Islamic University of Malaysia in the department of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering and currently a visiting scholar at D-lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom (Phd thesis title: Development of KGM hydrogels for wound healing). Munira works on research in environmental, chemical, biological and civil engineering such as potable water treatment, sanitation, geopolymer, waste management, and the development of materials for medical devices and other applications. Her teaching skill and ability to inspire and challenge students to be different, creative, independent, and critical thinkers was acquired from years of experience in tutoring and voluntary work at different institutions in Malaysia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.The experience and opportunities working on different continents and countries, and meeting people from all walks of life has given me a unique perspective in values and approaches and in education and research. Apart from university work, I believe in work-life balance and am actively involved in outdoor activities mainly in half-marathon, hiking, and martial arts.