Susan Murcott

Lecturer (D-Lab: WASH, D-Lab: Water, Climate Change and Health)


Susan Murcott, an environmental engineer with a focus on water, is a Lecturer in D-Lab where, for the past 12 years, she has been teaching D-Lab-Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Environmental Innovations for the Common Good (EC.715/11.474J) and more recently, D-Lab: Water, Climate Change, and Health (EC.719/EC.789). In spring of 2017, she co-taught D-Lab: Earth. She has led MIT student teams in over 25 countries spanning five continents. In 2014-2015, she led the water filter evaluation of the Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation (CITE), a five-year USAID-funded project, to evaluate technologies for the poor. From 2005 to the present, she founded and helped establish the non-profit organization, Pure Home Water, with Ghanaian partners, which has built a ceramic pot filter factory to provide safe drinking water in northern Ghana. From 2002 to the present, she has been the principal investigator of a team, in partnership with the Environment and Public Health Organization in Kathmandu, Nepal, that invented and has widely disseminated the KanchanTM Arsenic Filter, as well as being involved in MIT-funded emergency relief following the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Murcott is the author of over 50 professional papers as well as the book Arsenic in the World: an International Sourcebook (IWA, 2012-Link) . Videos of Susan Murcott's work.

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Posted Mar 09, 2011

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