D-Lab Study Abroad

D-Lab Study Abroad is a collaboration between D-Lab and the Global Education & Career Development office that gives students the chance to spend a semester living, working, and learning in a developing country while earning MIT credit. Students participating in D-Lab Study Abroad in Spring 2015 will be working with community partner Avani in northern India (applications now closed). Applications for the Spring 2016 semester will be available April 2015.

With the D-Lab Study Abroad program, MIT undergraduate students spend a semester abroad in a developing country, with a small group of other MIT students, working with a long-standing D-Lab partner. The program gives students and partners the opportunity to have a semester-long collaboration that can lead to stronger connections in the community, significant progress on research and community development projects, and more in-depth cultural immersion. In 2013, its pilot year, D-Lab Study Abroad sent two students to work in a community outside of São Paulo, Brazil, for the majority of the spring semester. The students were remotely enrolled and engaged in two D-Lab classes, in addition to taking part in an education-related UROP and a Portuguese film and language independent study.


The program is a great opportunity for students interested in international development to gain more field experience, while still receiving MIT credit and completing academically rigorous courses, maintaining a strong connection to the Institute throughout. Students will be able to craft a program that meets their interests and keeps them on track for graduation, receiving a standard semester's worth of MIT academic credit, including HASS credit and engineering credit toward majors such as 2A. Other class opportunities around the Institute may become available based on students' needs and preferences.

We are excited about the opportunities that D-Lab Study Abroad opens up for deepening D-Lab community partnerships, increasing the impact of the D-Lab program, and preparing students to continue international development work.