Youth Outreach

Hands-on learning, D-Lab-style



D-Lab Open Workshop

For middle schools students, high school students, and homeschoolers

Open workshops provide participants with a hands-on experience on D-Lab’s approach to building technology. Participants will learn about some of the technologies designed by D-Lab with communities abroad and engage in building one of these solutions or in a design activity. Current hands-on activities include topics such as design, water testing and filtering, biofuels and renewable energy.

Email Workshops limited to 20 and must have a minimum of five students.

D-Lab Youth Tours

For middle schools students, high school students, and homeschoolers 

Visit D-Lab and learn about how we contribute to alleviating poverty through building technology! The tour showcases some of the technologies D-Lab has developed in partnerships with communities around the world. Participants learn about the stories and the people that led to the development of the technologies and how they are used. 


D-Lab Design Reviews

For high school students and educators

Design reviews offer the opportunity for educators and learners to bring their projects to D-Lab and share them with experts at MIT. Participants present their ideas, receive feedback, and network with reviewers to discuss next steps.

Email with a brief description of your organization, a short description of the project(s) you are interested in bringing, and potential dates and times.