Kate Mytty

Instructor - D-Lab: New Economies

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Kate holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from MIT is co-instructor of D-Lab: Inclusive Economies. In the past, she has also taught D-Lab: Gender and Development and D-Lab: Waste (not currently offered).

During graduate school, through an MIT Tata Fellowship, she had the opportunity to research municipal waste systems in Pune, India in collaboration with SWaCH, a waste picker cooperative and in Muzaffarnagar, with the municipal government, private waste organization, a local university and waste pickers.

She is interested in the dynamics between formal and informal players in developing and managing city systems for waste, transportation, housing, water and sanitation. Her interest in community-based work stems from working with Burmese refugees in Milwaukee; designing public space tools for self-built settlements in Medellin, Colombia; and teaching entrepreneurship to youth in India, Turkey and the United States.

Prior to graduate school, Kate managed the MIT IDEAS Global Challenge where she worked with over 80 student-led teams annually working in over 30 countries on improving access to and quality of water, energy, education and much more. She also holds a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Marquette University.