EC.719 / EC.789 (G) D-Lab: Water and Climate Change

D-Lab: Water and Climate Change

Image: High Tide at  Long Wharf, Boston (10-17-2016) showing tide at 11.8 feet above mean low water. Photo Credit: Julie Simpson. (Note: the average high tide in Boston is about 10 ft MLW, and we have had about 1 ft of sea level rise since most of the Boston waterfront was built.)


By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population could be experiencing water stress, exacerbated by climate change. This class explores climate change through the lens of water – sea level rise, floods, drought, ocean acidification, water quality and water scarcity.

Weekly seminars include readings and discussions, workshops and games, field trips and films. Tackles the water/climate change challenge and explores solutions through project-based, real-world learning. Field trips include a boat trip of Boston Harbor, coastal flooding, watershed restoration, carbon sequestration and zero carbon sites in the greater Boston area. Term deliverable is a water/climate change project proposal, individually or in teams, to MIT Climate CoLab, or to any grant-making organization of one’s choice.

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Co-taught by Susan Murcott and Julie Simpson.

Course Information
Instructors: Susan Murcott, Julie Simpson
Semester Offered: Spring (Offered since 2016)
Lecture Location: N51-350
Lecture Times: T, R 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Units (credit hours) 3-4-5
Class Size: 20 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F