Jona Repishti

Network Manager, IDIN; Administrator, D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellowship Program


In her role as network coordinator, Jona supports IDIN by introducing opportunities for ongoing co-creation, resource sharing, and mentoring. Prior to D-Lab, Jona worked for the United Nations and other agencies, taking part in short projects in Haiti, Kenya, Kosovo, and China. One of her proudest achievements is founding the Mjaft! (Enough!) Foundation promoting youth civic engagement in her home country, Albania. In the fall of 2016, Jona also took over management of the D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellowship Program. Jona holds a BA in International Relations from Middlebury College and an MPA in Development Studies from Princeton University. In her free time she stays active in the Albanian diaspora, reads the New Yorker, and tinkers with vegan recipes.

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