Innovation Practice

The Kafue Innovation Center, Zambia, a learning center and community space that provides access to tools and resources to local community members. 


D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellowship

The MIT D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellowship offers one year of support to social entrepreneurs bringing poverty-alleviating products and services to market at scale. Launched in 2012, the D-Lab Scale-Ups program has provided fellowships to 33 social entrepreneurs working on four continents in sectors including agriculture, energy, water, health care, housing, livelihoods, mobility, recycling, education, and personal finance. Find out more.

Humanitarian Innovation 

MIT D-Lab is pioneering a new approach to humanitarian innovation, which is training refugees and displaced persons in the design process and the use of tools. The goal is to enable people to create the kinds of things they need to improve their lives — and ultimately improve the way humanitarian work is delivered. Find out more.

Inclusive Markets 

MIT D-Lab engages with regional and community leaders to develop inclusive businesses, markets, and economies that promote equity, resourcefulness, and resilience for people living in poverty in what is called the base of the pyramid or BoP. Current Inclusive Markets programs include Resilient Economies Action Lab or REAL (Nicargua) and Pick-It! (Ghana). Find out more.

Innovation Ecosystem Builders Fellowship

Launched in 2017, MIT D-Lab's newest fellowship convenes and equips local leaders in low-income communities who are building innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems to address local and global challenges. These innovation ecosystem builders spend a year learning, connecting, and experimenting, using D-Lab's participatory design methodology to devise and refine collaborative initiatives. Find out more.

International Development Design Summits

International Development Design Summits (IDDS) are intense, hands-on, community-based design trainings that bring together a diverse group of people to prototype low-cost technological solutions to improve livelihoods of people living in poverty. To date, 23 summits have taken place producing more than 1,000 alumni from more than 80 countries. Summits are coordinated by IDDS and D-Lab founder Amy Smith and six other members of an international steering committee. Find out more.

MIT Practical Impact Alliance 

The MIT Practical Impact Alliance (PIA), organized by D-Lab, is a membership organization of leaders and intrapreneurs from cross-sector institutions committed to social impact. PIA harvests the power of collaborative action, innovation, and peer learning to accelerate and sustain impact on global poverty through activities such as working groups, field-based co-design summit, annual conferences, and MIT student engagement. Find out more.

Global Trainings

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