D-Lab's Off-Grid Energy Group


The need for off-grid energy solutions

Roughly 1.3 billion people lack access to modern energy services such as affordable and reliable heating, cooking, mechanical power, transportation, lighting, and telecommunications services. Energy access is essential for providing clean water and sanitation, increasing productivity, promoting economic development, improving health, reducing poverty, and protecting the environment.

Our Approach:

D-Lab believes in the power locally driven solutions. The Off-Grid Energy Group focuses on providing organizations based in off-grid regions with the information and resources to design and implement programs that increase energy access in their communities. 

Our process centers around the D-Lab Off-Grid Energy Roadmap, which consists of the following steps:

To help guide local organizations through this roadmap, we are developing publicly available resources, convening stakeholders, and working directly with local organizations to design and implement programs that increase access to renewable energy solutions, such as efficient cookstoves, solar lighting, water pumps, and mechanical devices for increased productivity.

D-Lab's Energy Assessment Toolkit now available for download, learn more in the video below!