Design & Simulation of IC Engine Subsystem Modules

UROP Title: Design & Simulation of IC engine subsystem modules

Term UROP is offered: Spring 2021

Compensation: Paid ($13.50/hr) or credit (Note: MIT undergraduate students who received their ELO guarantee in Fall 2020 or IAP 2021 are not eligible for financial compensation Spring 2021)

Location: On-campus (Cambridge) and/or remote

Supervisor/Contact: Jack Whipple

Project Description

As we hope for a rapid conversion of the world's fleet of vehicles to electrify, Internal Combustion engines will remain in some very small sectors such as recreation and competition. Student will work directly with and independently from a shop manager to create design detail models using real-world constraints supported with textbook materials and analyze with simulation. Likey areas of study include heat transfer and water jacket design, acceleration and inertial profiles, vibration modeling and balancing, and fluid flow. Expected tools include Solidworks Simulation & Ansys.


No prior knowledge of Internal Combustion Engines required. A stout constitution for learning powerful but difficult software plus the ability to endure video tutorials is a must.


This is a paid UROP opportunity at $13.50/hour with an expectation that the student will spend between 80-140 hours on the project over the course of the semester.

Apply (ideally by February 26)

Interested candidates should email Jack Whipple, MIT D-Lab Workshop Manager.


Link to opportunity on MIT ELx site