Solar lantern testing, Ghana, 2012.
Solar lantern testing, Ghana, 2012.


Launched at MIT in 2012 with a consortium of MIT partners, the Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation (CITE) was established to develop new methods for product evaluation in global development. MIT CITE was the first-ever program dedicated to developing methods for product evaluation in global development.

Led by MIT D-Lab since 2017, CITE has expanded its research focus to include a broad range of global development topics.

Current & Recent Research Projects

CITE Evaluation Studies & Reports

CITE selects which products to evaluate in coordination with our partners and donors based on factors such as need, CITE expertise, geography, the prevalence of a technology, and more.


CITE uses a combination of tools such as surveys, interviews, sensors, and focus groups to conduct its evaluations. Each evaluation is user- and context-driven, designed to account for the complexity of product deployment in developing countries.

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Download A Practitioner's Guide for Technology Evaluation in Global Development, a user-friendly, step-by-step framework for adopting the CITE methodology. 




Principal Investigator

Dan Frey, Professor of Mechanical Engineering; MIT D-Lab Faculty Research Director


Kendra Leith, MIT D-Lab Associate Director for Research


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