MIT D-Lab Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Project

EOL Project Title: MIT D-Lab Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Project

Term UROP is offered: Spring 2021

Compensation: Paid ($13.50/hr) or credit (Note: MIT undergraduate students who received their ELO guarantee in Fall 2020 or IAP 2021 are not eligible for financial compensation Spring 2021.)

Location: Remote

Supervisor/Contact: Nancy Adams

Project Description

In support of the MIT D-Lab Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Working Group, the student will create a system to review, code, and analyze three to five years (or more) of MIT D-Lab staff meeting notes to map participation in meetings to demographic characteristics.

The student will help D-Lab answer questions such as:

  • Who makes presentations?
  • Whose comments get recorded in notes?
  • Who is appreciated?
  • Who facilitates meetings?
  • Who attends meetings?
  • What does this tell D-Lab about its success or lack of success in staff inclusivity vis-a-vis staff meetings?

Additionally, the student may design and run focus groups with MIT students, both those who have experience with D-Lab and those who don't on experiences and/or perceptions about D-Lab's work with regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and analyze and report on the conversations.


  • A strong interest in learning more about MIT D-Lab's mission to work with people around the world to develop and advance collaborative approaches and practical solutions to global poverty challenges.
  • A strong interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Experience with D-Lab as a student or UROP useful but not required.
  • Experience organizing, coding, and analyzing qualitative date desired (or interest in learning).
  • Experience designing surveys and/or focus group question sequences desired (or interest in learning).
  • Candidate should be both detail-oriented and personable.


MIT undergraduate students who did not receive their ELO guarantee in Fall 2020 or IAP 2021 are eligible for compensation under this project for Spring 2021 at $13.50/hour with an expectation that the student will spend between 80-140 hours on the project over the course of the semester. Credit may be available.

Apply (ideally by February 26, 2021)

Interested candidates should email Nancy Adams, MIT D-Lab Communications Officer describing their interest in the position and background.

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