STEAM Modules for an Online Course on Design in East Timor

Project Title: STEAM* Modules for an Online Course on Design in East Timor
*science, technology, engineering, art & math

Term UROP is offered: Spring 2021

Compensation: Paid ($13.50/hr) or credit

Location: Remote

Supervisor: Amy Smith Contact: D-Lab Humanitarian Innovation

Project Description

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in East Timor has requested UNICEF’s support to produce a 21st Century Skills Online Learning Program for pre-secondary and secondary school students(ages 12-18). The program seeks to expand educational resources that can both answer the immediate need created by the pandemic and address the ongoing imperative to increase the range and depth of learning opportunities for Timorese students.

The Program will consist of five courses, one of which will focus on design and will be developed by MIT D-Lab. The course will introduce projects that students can make at home, such as building a hands-free handwashing station; explain the science behind the challenge (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.); and provide an opportunity for students to create and share their solutions.

In addition, it will also introduce projects that students can develop for their communities and schools. This project-based course will cover key content and skills that will be useful during the coronavirus crisis and beyond.

The MIT D-Lab Humanitarian Innovation Program is looking for a student to help develop some of the nine modules that comprise the Design Projects course, This UROP will build off of work that was done over the summer to identify themes and activities for the modules. The work can be done entirely remotely, and be will in collaboration with a working group that includes students and instructors from the EC.750 Humanitarian Innovation class.

The working team will be in ongoing consultation with representatives from UNICEF, the Ministry of Education, and a Youth Advisory Group from Timor Lesteon the development of the modules. Once the modules are completed, they may be adapted for use in other D-Lab sites, including Northern Uganda, Colombia, and Greece.


Applicants should have some experience in teaching and/or tutoring as well as a passion for hands-on education. Previous experience in curriculum development and/or graphic design will also be considered.


This is a paid UROP opportunity at $13.50/hour with an expectation that the student will spend between 80-140 hours on the project over the course of the semester.

Apply (ideally by February 26, 2021)

Interested candidates should email D-Lab Humanitarian Innovation with a brief explanation of why they are interested in this project and describe any relevant previous experience.

Link to opportunity on the MIT UROP site