Live Webinar and Q&A Inclusive Business: Inclusive Innovation and Resilience for Today's World

In the last two decades, hundreds of new products, technologies and services have been designed to serve the nearly 4 billion people emerging out of global poverty. Many of these innovations held great promise for significant social impact, but far fewer have fulfilled their potential to solve poverty issues at large scale. Inclusive business is one strategy to drive innovative and locally relevant market-based solutions that include and benefit the base of the pyramid (BoP) populations, while also building markets, strengthening supply chains, and enhancing long-term competitiveness. Successful, scalable enterprises and technologies in these markets are not business as usual and require innovation and iteration. 

How are these concepts of inclusive business relevant today in the era of covid-19?


In this hour-long webinar, Emile Schmitz and Saida Benhayoune will introduce you to inclusive business and share a step-by-step framework for how you can build or redesign your own inclusive and resilient business model. During this interactive webinar, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of what inclusive business is, how it is different, and why it is relevant in the covid-19 era

  • Understand key challenges and explore key success factors for deploying IB

  • Explore a five-part framework that can transform your organization to action