Biomass Fuels & Cookstoves Collaborating Organizations

Our research team extends far beyond the confines of D-Lab. Here are a few of our amazing partners and collaborators:


The Fuel & Stoves Group has close working and research relationships with biomass fuel enterprises in East and West Africa, the Carribean, and Central America. 

  • ARTI-Energy (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) - Producer of Mkaa Mkombozi charcoal briquettes and distributors of improved cookstoves and solar lanterns and home systems
  • Appropriate Energy Saving Technologies (Soroti Uganda) - Producer of Makaa charcoal briquettes and improved cookstoves
  • Carbon Roots International (Cap-Haïtien, Haiti) - Producer of Chabon Vet charcoal briquettes made from sugarcane bagasse
  • Green BioEnergy (Kampala, Uganda) - Producer of Briketi charcoal briquettes and improved charcoal cookstoves
  • Nakabale Integrated Development Group (Bugiri, Uganda) - Producer of Namayemba charcoal briquettes and improved cookstoves
  • Renewable Energy Thailand (Nong Khai, Thailand) - Producer of green charcoal and micro-charcoal gasification technology
  • Soluciones Comunitarias (Guatemala) - Producer of improved plancha and rocket cookstoves and distributor of solar lanterns and water filters
  • Takachar (Kenya) - Producer of green charcoal briquettes


Our nongovernmental organization partners include large international programs as well as small grassroots programs.

  • The Charcoal Project - an advocasy group for sustainable biomass fuel alternatives
  • Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves - the international convenor for most efforts in the clean cooking sector worldwide
  • ISO Technical Committee on Clean Cooking Solutions - a body of international experts with the goal of creating standards for evaluating cooking products
  • TEWDI Uganda - non-profit org. which trains and educates Ugandan women and youth to create opportunities to support themselves


The Fuel & Stove Group is fortunate to have a lot of great academic collaborators, including:


The D-Lab Fuel & Stoves Group collaborates with a number of other reputable institutions in the fuel, stove and waste world, including: