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This six-minute video is an introduction to Faros Horizon Center, created by MIT senior Lulu Tian in collaboration with Faros and MIT D-Lab staff members.

Developed with MIT D-Lab, the Faros Horizon education and training center provides a unique program for unaccompanied minors, refugee youth, and refugee women. The Horizon Center offers classes that focus specifically on finding creative solutions to the problems that the participant, or those around them, might be facing. Fundamentally psychosocial in nature, the Horizon program supports and equips participants to live full, whole lives by providing opportunities, working to raise self-esteem, and to empower refugees to take an active part in society.

About the interviewer and video editor

Lulu Tian is a senior at MIT majoring in Computation + Cognition (6-9). She is interested in mental and physical health, documentary filmmaking, and community service. In her free time, she loves to run, read, and discover good restaurants and recipes.

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