Data Analysis and Visualization Tools

The interactive Microsoft Excel files are used for data entry, processing, visualization, and analysis.

These tools help to focus in on specific sets of data as well as show this data as a part of the larger picture of how the community works. Using these interactive tools, the user can determine what is most needed by the community and how these needs should be addressed, and in what ways their project can be implemented.

Energy Assessment Toolkit Data Analysis and Visualization Tools

**For all excel files, “Enable Macros” must be selected for the tool to function properly

Many of these tools are also used for activities that are not directly related to conducting energy assessments. For example the data entry and visualization tools (B1) can be modified for entering data from any qualitative or quantitative interviews, the product cost comparison, financial model, and project idea analysis tools (B8, B9, and B10) are not unique to energy and can be used for many types of programs or businesses. 

MIT D-Lab Energy Assessment Toolkit now available for download!

We have piloted this assessment process with organizations in Latin America, West Africa, and India. If you are interested in working with D-Lab to conduct an assessment of the energy needs and market opportunities in the off-grid community where you work or if you have feedback on the Energy Assessment Toolkit, please email Eric Verploegen.

Mercy Corps logo  D-Lab's Energy Assessment Toolkit was developed in partnership with Mercy Corps. For information on Mercy Corps' energy access programsemail Shanti Kleiman

Creative Commons Share Alike  The D-Lab Energy Assessment Toolkit by MIT D-Lab is open-source and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Eric Verploegen, Research Engineer, Food-Water-Energy Lead