Energy Assessment Toolkit

Data Collection Tools

This set of interview, survey, and focus group discussion templates for gathering information from households, businesses, community institutions, and other stakeholders.  These documents are intended for the user to modify.  The Energy Assessment Toolkit includes the following data collection tools:

The file “C1 Description of Data Collection Tools (A)” contains information about the purpose of each set of questions that can help your organization determine which tools and specific questions are most relevant to include in your assessment. 

D-Lab's User Research Framework contains information on best practices for conducting interviews and focus groups (pages 22-30) that are directly relevant to the data collection tools included in this toolkit.


D-Lab's Energy Assessment Toolkit now available for download!

We have piloted this assessment process with organizations in Latin America, West Africa, and India. If you are interested in working with D-Lab to conduct an assessment of the energy needs and market opportunities in the off-grid community where you work or if you have feedback on the Energy Assessment Toolkitplease email Eric Verploegen

D-Lab's Energy Assessment Toolkit was developed in partnership with Mercy Corps. For information on Mercy Corps' energy access programsemail Shanti Kleiman

The D-Lab Energy Assessment Toolkit by MIT D-Lab is open-source and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License