Off-Grid Energy Roadmap

D-Lab views organizations with a local presence as powerful agents of change well positioned to select and implement the solutions to meet the energy needs of their community. However, most approaches for increasing energy access focus on growing existing enterprises or expanding specific initiatives to new markets. This leaves many community organizations without actionable roadmaps for accessing renewable energy solutions, such as efficient cookstoves, solar lighting, water pumps, and mechanical devices for increased productivity.

In support of local organizations seeking to increase energy access in their own communities, we have developed the Off-Grid Energy Roadmap


This roadmap is designed for any organization that has an on­-the­-ground presence in an off­-grid community or region, and has the ability to take action based on the opportunities identified. Organizations do not need to have specific expertise in the energy sector, and could include civil society organizations (CSOs), non-­governmental organizations (NGOs), local governments, individual entrepreneurs, and small businesses. 

We are currently working in partnership with organizations based in Latin America, West Africa, and India to continue the development of resources for the Off-Grid Energy Roadmap; which provide organizations with guidance for conducting needs and market opportunity assessments, identifying opportunities, and implementing programs to increase energy access in their communities.

Learn more about the steps along the Roadmap:

D-Lab's Energy Assessment Toolkit now available for download, learn more in the video below!