Inclusive Markets

Photo: Ana Ussier


Catalyzing inclusive and resilient base-of-the-pyramid market systems

MIT D-Lab engages with regional and community leaders to develop inclusive businesses, markets, and economies that promote equity, resourcefulness, and resilience for people living in poverty in what is called the base of the pyramid or BoP.

We do this through the implementation of D-Lab methodologies that provide individuals and communities opportunities to conceive and develop the technologies and businesses they need to thrive in regions of the world marked by inequality, poverty, and, increasingly, the effects of climate change.

Two key D-Lab methodologies are leveraged to catalyze inclusive and resilient market systems:

D-Lab Creative Capacity Building (CCB) Trainings

Creative Capacity Building (CCB), a training developed by MIT D-Lab, promotes the creation of technology and product design by and for people living at the base of the pyramid. CCB trainings empower people living in poverty to become active creators of the technologies and businesses they need. Participants are trained in skills that allow them to respond to their community’s basic needs for food, energy, water, and waste management, as well as other necessities. 

D-Lab Co-Design Trainings

D-Lab’s co-design workshops convene diverse stakeholders, working within the informal and formal economy, to co-create blueprints for inclusive market systems that challenge conventional economic and ecological assumptions, giving rise to unconventional solutions. D-Lab’s co-design workshops spur the creation and development of technologies and enterprises that simultaneously provide livelihood to people living at the base of the pyramid and support the growth of inclusive market ecosystems. In this way, regional economies effectively incorporate populations living at the base of the pyramid, providing them with a means of earning a living.

Current Programs

    Climate Resilient regional economies in Central America
  2. PICK-IT!
    Inclusive recycling systems in Accra, Ghana