Solar Lighting and Power - Kenya

More than 28 million people in Kenya do not have reliable access to electricity. This page provides information on products designed for households that are either off-grid or experience frequent power cuts from their electrical connection. Such products range from solar lanterns that provide basic lighting, to solar power systems with the capability to power appliances such as mobile phones, radios, fans, TVs, and refrigerators, in addition to lighting.

International Organizations and General Information

Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) 
Global Distributors Collective
Sun Connect News - Off-grid energy news in Kenya
Lighting Global - Market analysis reports
Practical Action - Poor People’s Energy Outlook report series
UN Energy Practitioner Network 
Energypedia - Solar Portal has information ranging from an overview of solar energy technology, products, business models, case studies, and other resources
   -  Kenya Energy Situation
   -  Kenya - Information Sources

Energy Sector Organizations in Kenya

Energy Regulatory Commission of Kenya (ERC)
Kenya Renewable Energy Association (KEREA)
Women in Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship (WISEE)
Kenya Youth Climate Network (KYCN)
Energy 4 Impact
Sun Connect News' database of off-grid solar companies in Kenya
Bennu Solar's database of off-grid solar companies in Kenya

Product Information

D-Lab's Solar Lighting Product Comparison resource provides aggregated information about solar lighting products (Kenya page).
Lighting Global's:
   -  Quality Assurance Program
   -  Product Database
Mangoo Marketplace - Solar products for Africa and Asia
The Clean Energy Ministerial runs the Global Leap program that conducts quality assurance testing for:
   -  Energy efficient appliances (Market Overview and Buyer's Guide)
   -  Solar home systems (Technical & Market Guide)

Financing and Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

Financing can enable a number of energy products to be more affordable by spreading the cost over time. Additionally, mobile and PAYG technology can make providing financing more effective. Below are resources related to PAYG solar:
Energypedia's overview of Pay-As-You-Go technology
Bennu Solar's list of companies offering PAYG solar products
CGAP report Access to Energy via Digital Finance