Maternal Healthcare Access in Morocco

D-Lab: Gender and Development Maternal Healthcare Access in Monacco team. Photo: Courtesy MIT D-Lab
D-Lab: Gender and Development Maternal Healthcare Access in Monacco team. Photo: Courtesy MIT D-Lab

Reducing maternal mortality rates and improve maternal health services in the TTA Region in Morocco.

Student team

  • Junhee Kim: Wellesley College, International Relations and Political Science, Environmental Studies
  • Samatha Lewis: Harvard University, Master in Urban Planning, graduating 2023
  • Emilie Litsas: Harvard Kennedy School and  Dartmouth Tuck School of Business, Master’s in Public Policy + Master’s in Business Administration, graduating 2023
  • Roshni Madhu-Sudan: Wellesley College, International Relations and History, graduating 2023

Community partner

Yonsei University (Korea), Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, and Samsung. The Principal Investigator of the research is our project advisor, Professor Sangchul Yoon.


Northern Region of Tangier Tetouan Al-Hoceima (TTA), Morocco


Our project team is tasked with conducting a co-design workshop to identify potential interventions to improve patient-centered services in primary health centers in Morocco, specifically in the northeastern region of Tangier-Tetouan-al Hoceima (TTA). The project operates with this driving question: How can we reduce maternal mortality rate and improve maternal health service in the TTA Region?

Solution including technical details

Our co-design work will be conducted at the site of a primary maternal care clinic in Tangier, with 25 participants and 5 co-facilitators representing each of the major regions, who will distribute their knowledge back to their clinical teams after the workshop.

Next steps

The objective of this work is to co-design interventions that enhance maternal and newborn health capabilities of the primary health worker, as well as improve medical services of primary health centers by introducing an environment of patient-centered care.

MIT D-Lab Class

D-Lab: Gender and Development


Student team

Libby McDonald - MIT D-Lab Lecturer, Inclusive Economies Lead