MAS.665 / 15.375 / EC.731J Development Ventures

MIT Emerging Market Innovations Seminar

Development Ventures

Development Ventures (DV) is an exploratory Fall semester elective Action Lab on founding, financing, and building entrepreneurial ventures targeting developing countries, emerging markets, and underserved consumers everywhere. Particular emphasis is placed on transformative innovations and exponentially scalable business models that can enable or accelerate major positive social change throughout the world.

Partial funding is available for some student travel and out-of-country fieldwork related to this class.

Course Information
Instructors: Joost Bonsen, Alex (Sandy) Pentland
Semester Offered: Fall (Offered since 2001)
Lecture Location: E14-633
Lecture Times: R10-12
Units (credit hours) 12
Class Size: 40 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F
Course Student Projects
2009AdjuvantSocial Venture Franchising (India + East Africa)
DataLibreCivic Sector Informatics (Philippines, US)
Design EDEducational Curriculum Development
GeniusMedical Advice Network
Global Citizen Water InitiativeCoupling of inexpensive water quality test kits with open source spatial mapping for community water quality monitoring
Gona GamesMobiles-Based Educational Games
MedHelp Home Healthcare Devices
MobileBusinessMobile-Enabled Merchant Tools (Africa)
Nautilus PowerFlexible Floating Power Systems
Novo BrazilPrivate Vocational Training (Brazil)
NZ CapitalMicro-Banking Services (Zimbabwe)
PowerUp! TechnologiesHand-Powered Electricity
Prosthetics For AllAffordable Limb Augmentations (India)
Quilombo EnergyRenewables-Power Plants (Africa)
SanergySanitation + Energy + Fertilizer Systems (Kenya)
SolSourceRural Energy Product Distributor (Greater Himalayas)
ThermoversionThermal-Powered Electricity (Kenya)
UBIQMobile-Enabled Financial Services (Nigeria)
VALAMobile-Enabled Informal Market-Making (India)
WoundPumpAffordable Wound-Healing Device
2008CivikaThe "Facebook" for Civic-Sector Leaders (Africa, Philippines)
Covalent GlobalPhilanthropic Micro-Grant Network (Kenya, Africa)
DuraAlokLow-Cost Eyeglasses Distributor (India)
Fair GoodsUrban Retailer Delivery Network (South Africa)
Global Cycle SolutionsBicycle-Powered Businesses (Tanzania, Peru)
LinqUsInfonet Connectivity & Services for the Elderly (India, China, Japan)
Moringa Agri ProductsCooperative-Owned Exporter (Kenya, Africa)
One SolCondominial Urban Sewer Solutions (Ghana, Africa)
PANAH NetworkMigrant Housing & Employment System (Asia, Africa)
PayGoMobile Phone Payment System (Pakistan, Mexico)
Prestige IncubatorBuilding Premium Import Brands (Latin America)
SolSourceRural Energy Product Distributor (Greater Himalayas)
Vidya Vitta Investor-to-SME Brokerage (Nigeria, Tanzania, Africa)