EC.788 (G)  D-Lab: Field Research

Understanding development impact

D-Lab: Field Research

How do we know if development projects, social enterprises, or interventions are creating positive impact? What do we mean by “development impact” and what kind of research skills do we need in order to understand the impact of our work as well as the work of others?This seminar-style “research action lab” combines hands-on practice in a variety of essential skills needed to conduct quality field research with exploration of a set of questions that continue to challenge practitioners, donors, policymakers and researchers in international development.

Designed for students who are preparing to conduct research abroad for theses, product design project, or development ventures, this course creates a space to learn about and practice a set of key research skills particularly applicable to conducting research involving people and communities in the context of development.  

Partial funding is available for some student travel and out-of-country fieldwork related to this class.

Course Information
Instructors: Elizabeth Hoffecker
Semester Offered: Spring (Offered since 2015)
Lecture Location: N51-305
Lecture Times: T 2-5
Units (credit hours) 3-0-9
Class Size: 16 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F