EC.718 / EC.798 (G)  D-Lab: Gender & Development

Accelerating Women’s Economic Prosperity

D-Lab: Gender & Development

This course explores gender and identity roles, illuminating the power dynamics and root causes of inequality within a cultural, political, and economic context. While we aim to analyze identity broadly, we will focus predominantly on gender, examining international development strategies designed to accelerate equality and provide women living in extreme poverty opportunities to develop businesses that offer livelihood.

The class begins by exploring international development in the post-colonial era, using a gender lens, then provides students with the tools they need to integrate gender-sensitive strategies into international development work, with a particular focus on launching, building and scaling women’s ventures.

D-Lab Gender and Development culminates in an international field project where students will have the opportunity to travel to Ghana or Nicaragua over January IAP where they will work on projects designed to increase women’s economic well-being.

Requirements: This class requires readings, presentations, and an in-depth research paper that utilizes key analysis tools.

Prerequisites: Students must attend the first day of class and admission will be decided at that time. Enrollment limited to 12 students.

Libby McDonald - C: 617 899 1360

Kate Mytty - C: 402 676 9347

Office hours available as requested by students

Course Information
Instructors: Libby McDonald, Kate Mytty
Semester Offered: Fall (Offered since 2016)
Lecture Location: N51-310
Lecture Times: Wednesday, 9:30-12:30
Units (credit hours) 6
Class Size: 12 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F