EC.712 (U) / EC.792 (G) D-Lab: Energy II

D-Lab: Energy II

Provides a project-based approach that engages students in advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7, which seeks to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy systems, through community-based approaches. Teams will work on off-grid energy projects focused on lighting, cooking, indoor heating, agricultural productivity, or other solutions to advance fieldwork with pre-selected community partners. Working at various stages along D-Lab’s Off-Grid Energy Roadmap, the project teams will consider needs assessment, technology and business model identification, and implementation strategies. Project work will include combinations of analysis, design, prototyping, and implementation. Optional January site visits may be offered to test and implement projects. Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments.

Prerequisites: None, but students who have taken 2.651/EC.711/EC.791 D-Lab: Energy I will be given preference. Enrollment limited to 20 students.

Course Information
Instructors: Anish Paul Antony, Daniel Sweeney, Eric Verploegen
Semester Offered: Fall (Offered since 2018)
Lecture Location: N51-350
Lecture Times: TR 3-4:30
Units (credit hours) 3-0-9
Class Size: 20 students
Grading: A/B/C/D/F