D-Lab Fall 2021 Student Showcase

Thursday, December 2, 2021 at 7 pm on Zoom

Please join us for an overview of the fall 2021 D-Lab class team projects and an opportunity to join break-out rooms with individual classes and teams!

Applications of Energy in Global Development

Instructors: Dan Sweeney, Eric Verploegen

D-Lab: Development

Instructors: Libby Hsu, Bish Sanyal

D-Lab: Schools (Building Technology Lab)

Instructor: Les Norford

Design for Scale

Instructors: Grace Connors, Maria Yang, Emily Young

Gender & Development

Instructors: Sally Haslanger, Libby McDonald

Global Ventures

Instructors: Joost Bonsen, Alex (Sandy) Pentland

  • Athena - Shared Computing
  • Luban   
  • SaaS Bee   
  • catalan.ai   
  • Patient First.AI   
  • MANOAgri   
  • VR Environmental Therapy   
  • Sunset Hunter   
  • Mercury Intelligence   
  • TeraData   
  • Redwood 
  • Shopflex
  • De Taali!