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Out of the Box team in the MIT D-Lab workshop. Photo: MIT D-Lab
Out of the Box team in the MIT D-Lab workshop. Photo: MIT D-Lab


Out Of The Box (OOTB) is an education startup founded in the MIT School of Architecture and Planning, with the mission of creating exceptional learning environments for preschool children anywhere in the world.

Their products (patent pending) are mobile, modular classrooms-in-a-box, with integrated hardware and software for a versatile learning experience via both digital and analog components. The two main products are a cardboard version aimed at the developing world and a plastic/wood product aimed at the upper-middle class in both Asia and the US.

This project will focus on the plastic/wood product, which has an early physical prototype (3D-printed) and is not manufacturable at scale. The product has not yet been piloted, but a customer survey has been conducted to understand the needs of the target market. The main outcome of this project will be to improve the manufacturability of the product, both by iterating on the design and selecting appropriate materials and manufacturing methods.

3D cad rendering of table and box



MIT D-Lab class

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Student team

MIT students unless otherwise noted.

  • Jitt Kasemri - G - Integrated Design Management
  • Nadine Zaza - G - Integrated Design Management
  • Fiona Gouthro - G - Leaders for Global Operations
  • Shan Shan Huang, MIT Mechanical Engineering  
  • Eunah Kim - G - Integrated Design Management 
  • Lisa Liu, MIT LGO  
  • Amy Chiu, Harvard

Community partner

Out of the Box

  • Yu Qian ANG


Eunah Kim